Science AS level Case Study

Part Two

Part one of this tutorial looked at using appropriate scientific vocabulary. Part two helps you think about ways of organising the paragraph.


FillTable Task 1 – Organising the Paragraph

This paragraph mentions 4 physical quantities of the atmosphere that can be measured, but there is no comparison or evaluation of these measurements. The reader needs to know how easy these measurements are to do and hence the frequency and number of geographic locations that make these measurements worldwide. Also how & why these measurements might be useful in determining ozone concentration.

Think about the measurements and complete this table:

Physical quantity that can be measured

Ease, frequency and number of measurements made worldwide
Use in determining ozone concentrations
Air temperatrure
Air pressure
Wind speed
Solar intensity


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Rewrite Task 2 – Pulling the ideas together – creating a paragraph

Look back at the work you did in Task 1 and 2, and think carefully about how to organise and rewrite the paragraph. Look also at the use of connectives e.g. however, therefore. Have they been correctly used? Do you need so many connectives?

Rewrite the paragraph here:

When you've written your paragraph, click here to compare it with the sample paragraph below. What do you notice?


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