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Making a Scientific Case:Cassini Scientist For A Day Competition

  1. Read the task in Box 1.
  2. Download each of the pdfs and read them. Keep these open so you can refer to them as you watch the video.
  3. Watch the video.

Step 1

The Task

The Cassini Scientist For A Day Competition requires students to submit a 500 word scientific case for one of a number of selected targets in the Saturn system.  Students view video briefings by Cassini scientists and engineers describing the scientific importance of each target and what can be learned from the images.  The entires are judged on the basis of the scientific case that has been made and the process mimics what scientists themselves have to do to convince their colleagues of the importance of their own observations. When judging entries I am looking for students who make good use of the available material to write a strong, coherent case for their chosen target.  Awareness of recent scientific results is usually a bonus, showing that the student has some initiative.  A list of facts or numbers is not making a scientific case.  What is needed is an ability to gather the relevant material, highlight the scientific questions that can be addressed by the image, and then produce the strongest case possible.

Step 2


Text 1

Download pdf

Text 2

Download pdf

Text 3

Download pdf

Step 3

Step 4
Download the transcript for this video.

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