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Computer Science, Undergraduate, Senior Year Final Project, Quinnipiac University

  1. Read the task in Box 1.
  2. Download each of the pdfs and read them. Keep these open so you can refer to them as you watch the video.
  3. Watch the video.

Step 1

The Task

Computer Science, Undergraduate, Senior Year Final Project, Quinnipiac University

The Senior Project Poster is the final assignment for the Senior  Project 1 & 2 course sequence.  Senior Project 1 &2 is two-semester  capstone project required of all Computer Science majors.  In Senior  Project 1, students identify a project that they choose to work on,  refine the description, conduct a literature search culminating in  an annotated bibliography, identify background information needed to  complete the project, and develop a plan to complete the project in  Senior Project 2.  Each task is a staged assignment lasting about  three weeks resulting in a written document.  At the end of Senior  Project 1, students submit a formal, written proposal that  synthesizes the staged tasks, and make a 15 minute presentation to  the Computer Science faculty and invited guests.  In Senior Project  2, students do the project they proposed in Senior Project 1.   Students meet weekly to discuss their progress.

At the end of Senior Project 2, students create a poster that  synthesizes the results of their project.  Since is it a capstone  project, the poster is an opportunity to synthesize and demonstrate  what they have learned over four years as a Computer Science major.   The experience includes major coursework, college and university  curriculum course work, internships, and co-curricular and  extra-curricular experiences.  A poster is a common genre at  Computer Science conferences that requires students to format  carefully select text and figures to explain the results of their  work to a general audience.  Posters are presented at a Senior  Project Poster Session held at the end of exam week.  Posters may be  read, discussed, or used as a support for explanation by the student.

Step 2


The City Life


The City Life is a text­based multiplayer online role playing game set in an interactive virtual city.


You just moved to a new city and everything is all new to you. You don’t know anyone here. You’re 22, just barely out of college, in the need of a job, your own place and some new friends. This seems like just the perfect the perfect place to accomplish all that. The question is, can you succeed in this new city?


The City Life is based on building your skills, wealth and character. The goal of the game is to be the best and most successful person in the city. You start out by signing up and creating a character. You can either be a slacker, artist, brainee, athlete, techie, leader or an averagejoe. Based on what personality you choose, you start with a certain amount of skills. These skills are intelligence, creativity, strength, charisma, and technological. After you create your character you have many options you can choose from.You can explore the city, you can get a job, you can buya house or you can meet people and make friends.

Download PDF

Tournament Scheduler

A web application built to create, edit, and monitor a tournament with accompanying iPhone app.


Tournament Scheduler, built primarily for the Massachusetts Soccer Conference, gives users the ability to create a tournament, find schedules and results, and report scores while following a framework for a fair tournament.



An API allows access to data given a set or rules. A web api uses URLs and different HTTP verbs to access that data. URLs are used to identify what you would like to control via the web (called a resource). In a typical RESTful application design nouns should be used. URLs using verbs like add are

not considered RESTful. URLs need to be a precise as they can be, to uniquely identify a resource, but without including any data.

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Virtual Pet Web Api and Android Client


For my senior project I created a web based Application Protocol Interface (API) that allows for date to be created and retrieved by and internet connected device. To illustrate the power of this Web API I also created and Android application to make use of it. The end result of the project is an “Virtual Pet” video game that allows the user to interact with and take cae of a virtual pet on their Android mobile device. All interactions with this pet are recorded in a remote datatbase that is accessible via the API. The Android client is just one example of how this pet game could be implemented. The API allows for the possibility of it being expanded to any other web connected device.

Download PDF

Breadboard Implementation of a Reduced Instruction Set Processor

Project Overview:

The purpose of this project was to develop a reduced instruction set processor and implement it on a breadboard from TTL circuits. The project intends to demonstrate an understanding of both low-level digital logic as well as basic computer architecture. The design of such a processor can be defined in four steps:

Step1: Develop instruction set architecture (ISA)

Step2: Generate software simulation of processor

Step3 Create block diagram of breadboard layout

Step4: Layout components on a breadboard

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Step 3

Step 4

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