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Action Plan Medical Engineering 1st year

  1. Read the task in Box 1.
  2. Download each of the pdfs and read them. Keep these open so you can refer to them as you watch the video.
  3. Watch the video.

Step 1

The Task

In year 1, Medical Engineering (medical and dental materials) students conduct a problem based learning (PBL) activity and write up the work in the form of an action plan and a report. The action plan is designed to demonstrate whether the group have analysed the findings of the investigation. The action plan must be written in a coherent and logical manner.  In general, the action plan consists of an introduction (a description of the problem), aims and objectives, the diagnostic tests to be performed, treatment options and overall outcomes. In addition, the action plan should contain planning and organisational activities for each group member.
This podcast discusses the action plan; there is another podcast on the PBL report.

Step 2


Text 1

Download pdf

Text 2

Download pdf

Step 3

Step 4

Download the transcript for this video.

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