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Biology Global Change Undergraduate

  1. Read the task in Box 1.
  2. Download each of the pdfs and read them. Keep these open so you can refer to them as you watch the video.
  3. Watch the video.

Step 1

The Task

As part of the Global Change Biology module (a second year research based learning and writing course), students design and set up a laboratory experiment. They write the introduction and methods of their report which is then peer reviewed by their fellow students and also by the demonstrators and the course tutor. Students then have the opportunity to respond to the reviewers’ comments in their final report which takes the form of a scientific paper, incorporating results and a discussion section. The final reports act as an ‘inheritance mechanism’ (Chang 2005) for the next cohort of students who can read these reports as a form of secondary literature for their own literature reviews.

Chang, H. (2005) Turning an undergraduate class into a professional research community. Teaching in Higher Education, 10/3: 387-394.

Step 2


Text 1

Download pdf

Text 2

Download pdf

Text 3

Download pdf

Step 3