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Biology Third Year Dissertation Materials and Methods

  1. Read the task in Box 1.
  2. Download each of the pdfs and read them. Keep these open so you can refer to them as you watch the video.
  3. Watch the video.

Step 1

The Task

Biology, Third Year Dissertation: Materials and Methods,

Queen Mary, University of London

In their final year (3rd year) students taking our biology programmes conduct an individual research project and present their findings in the form of a dissertation. This requires them to write about 30 pages of text and figures.

The Materials and Methods chapter should be written in such a way as to ensure future project students can reproduce your experiments. Some basic knowledge on the part of the reader can be assumed for example, it is sufficient to say that a boiling water-bath was used without explaining how you filled the beaker and lit the Bunsen etc. For established procedures, it can be sufficient to refer the reader to the original source (the details can also be put in an Appendix). There is very little need to write sentences of interpretation or explanation in this section and indeed it is often sufficient to use bullet points.

Step 2


Materials and Methods Text 1 - Bacteria On Toys

Download PDF

Materials and Methods Text 2 - Mouthwash

Download PDF

Materials and Methods Text 3 - Heat Shock Response

Download PDF

Step 3

Step 4

Download the transcript for this video.

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