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Transport for London, Graduate, Applicant Written Report

  1. Read the task in Box 1.
  2. Download each of the pdfs and read them. Keep these open so you can refer to them as you watch the video.
  3. Watch the video.

Step 1

The Task

Following their initial application to TfL, applicants have to complete a series of online assessment exercises to test their verbal and numerical and inductive reasoning skills. Successful applicants are then given a telephone interview and after this, asked to attend a full day event at the TFL assessment centre. During the day, candidates will participate in a group exercise, written exercise, seen presentation, interview and an ability test.

The group and written exercises are conducted together, based on the “Cooling the Tube” project. This is a real project in TfL which looks at how to reduce temperatures on the tube (certain elements are fictionalised for the exercise). Candidates work in small groups. Each group is provided with information relating to the Cooling the Tube project, along with customer perspectives, technical and financial information. Groups must decide between two lines and two technologies for cooling the tube. After the group exercise, candidates are set a written task. They have 30 mins to produce a project plan/report for the board of Directors at TfL. This report should briefly outline their decision and then move on to discuss the immediate next steps and priorities, longer term issues, communications plans and key stakeholders. For this exercise, candidates need to go further than a simple summary of the group’s decisions or rationale. Good answers will identify what needs to happen next and show awareness of how the final decisions will affect customers.

Step 2


Tube Cooling Summary

Next steps

  • SAHUs are to be provided at Oxford Circus, Charing Cross and Paddington on the Bakerloo Line at a cost of £135m
  • SAHUs are to be provided at Liverpool Street, St. Paul’s and Tottenham Ct Road on the Central line at a cost of £135m
  • Retrofitted on-train cooling is to be trialled on 6 Bakerloo Line trains up to 2015, and 5 Central Line trains up to 2015. The cost is £15m and £17.75m respectively

Longer term

The results of the trial of on-train cooling will be used to inform decisions on whether the 2015 stock can or should be retrofitted on delivery, or have cooling integrated.  The long-term future can be decided then on an informed basis, and possibly a different financial climate.

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Communications Plan

At the cooling the Tube Project Team meeting, it was decided that, of the options available, installing airconditioning technology, to be integrated and maintained on new train stock from 2012, and focusing on the Bakerloo Lone, are the preferred options.

As a result of this decision, discussions should immediately start on initiating this project. Key steakholders should be identified, and the scope and cost-benefit analysis carried out. The type of contract to be awarded should be decided upon, this is key in the design stage. The contract should be put out to tender and the value for money of the bidders considered. It is likely that there will be few companies capable of manufacturing and installing these units, and the issue of who should complete both theses tasks should be addressed. A timetable and budget, and scope should be included in the contract.

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Representing Save the Planet

The group have decided to use Station Air Handling Units (SAHUs) on the Bakerloo Line. The zones where the SAHUs will be installed are 6 stations within zones 1 and 2.

These decisions have been made to provide an immediate solution for passengers, to facilitate comfortable access into London for the 2012 Olympics, to satisfy commitments to business groups, and to allow TfL to develop a longer term solution to cooling the Tube in this 10 year period; particularly after the introduction of Crossrail.

The next steps and immediate priorities for TfL regarding this scheme is as follows:

  • Allocating SAHUs to specific stations
    • The selected stations also provide cooling to adjacent platforms so they preliminary choices would be those shared with other lines such as Paddington, Oxford Circus, Embankment, Waterloo, Elephant and Castle and Baker St
  •  Installation plans
    • The installation will require at least one weekend and part closures and these need to be indentified and awareness created to allow passengers to explore other means of travel.

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Step 3

Step 4
Download the transcript for this video.

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