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Transport for London, Graduate, Application Question 1

  1. Read the task in Box 1.
  2. Download each of the pdfs and read them. Keep these open so you can refer to them as you watch the video.
  3. Watch the video.

Step 1

The Task

The first stage of the TfL graduate recruitment process is an online application form. On this form are 3 competency based questions. Question 1 is:

This question asks about your motivational fit for a place on a Transport for London graduate scheme.

Given the various opportunities open to graduates, why have you chosen a graduate programme at Transport for London?

  • How does the particular programme and business area you have chosen fit with your long run career aspirations?
  • How can you demonstrate your commitment to your career aims through experience opportunities you have found for yourself so far, both in and out of work?

Candidates need to give clear reasons as to why they have applied for TfL and for the particular scheme. They need to show some understanding of the role and mention any transferable experience which may relate to their chosen scheme.

Step 2


Transport for London, Graduate, Application Question 1, Text 1

The TFL underground existing from 1863 one of the most historical construction in London. TFL provides transport and services for almost 10 millions people across the capital everyday. With the ever growing economy the TFL is pivotal to move people around the UK. I want to be part of this process to provide world class transportation and services. Furthermore the success of London’s Olympic success for 2012 relies heavily on the TFL and further the BID had also been a major success due to the services of the TFL.

I believe a graduate position for TFL holds more value then any other placement, as it simply is not a job but a career judging the enormity and importance of the TFL. My career aspiration has always been to complete an accredit degree and become a successful professional following a positive role model. I have further gained management and team working skills complimenting my inner target driven quality from my professional experience as a business advisor at a phone shop and sales manager at a clothing retailer.

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Transport for London, Graduate, Application Question 1, Text 2

Honestly my ultimate career aim is to become a senior manager or director within a large organisation where my skills and experiences not only benefit the company I work for but the wider community also. Obviously I am aware it will take years to achieve this ambition and in order to do so I will need to work my way up through an organisation from the bottom. I believe TfL offers an excellent environment and culture that will help be develop as a professional.

My understanding of this role is that it will largely consist of analysing labour capacity and utilisation to ensure resources are allocated efficiently. I feel my experiences and the competences I developed while on placement are an ideal fit for this role. My main project while working for a large organisation was to understand the current state of labour utilisation and turnaround time within a particular section. I used this data to formulate recommendations referring to available labour hours and what would be required for an increase in output. As a result of my investigation into this area the business has recently committed to employing and extra numbers of staff across several business areas.

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Step 3

Step 4
Download the transcript for this video.

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