About Us

The way in which the TW team help to foster creativity and innovation in a no-nonsense and supportive way is invaluable

Thinking Writing is part of Learning Development which in turn is part of Academic Development within Student and Academic Services at Queen Mary, University of London. We work with academic colleagues and students around thinking and writing: thinking, writing, and thinking about writing.

We help with:

  • designing modules and assessments

  • developing tasks and materials 

  • teaching - on a collaborative basis

  • running writing or reading retreats

  • practical advice on helping students with writing

  • evaluating the above - what works, what doesn't, how do students react?

We recognise that developing educational practice takes time and we try to facilitate the process in a number of ways - through conversation, linking with relevant research, providing sample resources, bringing in an outside expert. Sometimes we’ll observe teaching, talk to students, look through their work, provide you with feedback and suggestions. Other times we’ll develop some co-teaching or just be around to support you in trying something new. We’ll also look out for opportunities for you to talk to others about what you’re doing, informally within the College or in some wider forum.

"Over the past seven years my relationship with TW has grown into a strong partnership, aiding curriculum development as well as specific writing and feedback projects in my own School. It has also led to my involvement in projects at College and national levels in fruitful collaboration with like-minded colleagues."

This website introduces you to some of the ideas we work with and examples of how these ideas are developed in practice. Take a look around and get in touch with us.